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Game Spotlight: Vampyr

I’ve been a fan of Dontnod Entertainment for quite some time. While it wasn’t perfect, I was a big fan of Remember Me and the world they created within it. With the release of Life is Strange I only became an even bigger fan, and thanks to the success that game had it looks like many others are in the same position.

When Dontnod announced that they were working on another story driven game, I immediately wanted to hear more. Vampyr looks like an ambitious title, and there are a lot of elements that’ll need to pay off for the game to succeed upon its release in June.

Introducing the latest game in the spotlight, Dontnod Entertainment’s Vampyr.

What’s it about?

Vampyr takes place in London during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. Players are put in control of a doctor named Jonathan Reid, who during this time has turned into a vampire and must come to terms with his new condition and his bloodthirsty hunger that affects his life.

Jonathan is faced with a moral question. As a doctor he is tasked with finding a cure to save the city’s citizens that have been ravaged by the pandemic, but you also have to survive and the only way to do that is to feed on the people he promised to help. 

What can players do?

In Vampyr, the key theme that players are faced with is ‘who will you become?’ You’ve got a commitment to help the people of London, but at the same time you need to satiate the bloodlust that comes with being a vampire.

When players get their hands on the game, they’ll soon notice that this is a theme that’ll hang around for the entirety of the game. The people that inhabit London have their own story that’s different from one another, and it’s important for players to consider that when choosing to kill them or let them live. There’ll be consequences from your decision too, certain characters might be connected to others which could change some dialogue options, or it could turn some people against you.

This leads into the next gameplay aspect, which is combat. The game features a group of vampire hunters who will target Reid, but there are also other enemy types (such as werewolves) that he’ll have to take on throughout. Players will get to utilise both melee weapons and firearms to combat these foes, but what I find most intriguing are the vampire abilities that will also be at their disposal. This includes being able to teleport, attack multiple foes at once, and more.

From what we’ve seen in previews and gameplay demos of Vampyr, the combat mechanics do look somewhat simple and janky, but I’m hoping that Dontnod have been able to add some more polish to this aspect as release has drawn closer.

What’s on the horizon?

Unlike many games these days, it has been confirmed that there will not be any downloadable content added to the game post-launch. The team at Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive are aiming to provide a complete experience for the game, which players will get from day one.

From their past releases, it’s clear that Dontnod Entertainment are a very capable studio, and I think they’ve got a pretty good chance of continuing this trend with Vampyr. While I do think combat does look a little flat, the story and importance of choice in the game sounds incredibly interesting and if pulled off effectively it could make for a genuinely great title.

Vampyr launches on June 5 for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


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