Buying Backwards Compatible Titles On Xbox Just Got Easier

While backwards compatibility is a great feature on the Xbox One, the method of purchasing Xbox 360 and Xbox titles has been clumsy for years. Over the weekend, Microsoft changed that as they’ve finally allowed people to purchase directly from the Xbox One store or online. Prior to this, you’d need to have a credit card attached to your account otherwise you’d need to buy them on an Xbox 360.

With backwards compatibility being a key feature of the Xbox Series X, it looks like Microsoft are working to create a smoother user experience in the lead up to the launch of the console which is currently scheduled for the holiday period later this year.

A number of previously delisted games have also reappeared over the weekend, although some of these have already disappeared. Reddit users have compiled a list of these titles, which we’ve listed below.

With some titles disappearing, I highly recommend you jump on these games quick if you’re interested.

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