Call of Duty Warzone Teasing Series Next Entry

Following its season 5 update, players have uncovered multiple teasers for what appears to be the next Call of Duty game in Warzone.

Multiple players have managed to uncover a hidden message – a Russian phrase that translates to “doomed to repeat it.” @NutterButterAF was one of the first players to uncover the teaser and has uploaded a video and detailed how he did it.

The tease comes as multiple people have received a special care package from Activision, with clear instructions telling them not to open it until August 10 at 9 PM ET(11 PM AEST).

Activision President Rob Kotich confirmed the next Call of Duty was on track for 2020. With past games normally being revealed around May or June, we’re certainly overdue for an announcement. If this does, in fact, lead to a reveal on August 10, we’ll be sure to have all the details right here.

Are you excited for another Call of Duty? Let us know in the comments.

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