Catch Up: Dead Space

If you haven’t caught onto the purpose of Catch Up just yet, the aim is to play games that I initially missed upon release but always had the desire to play. When it comes to Dead Space, I had been meaning to play it almost since the day it released, which is almost ten years ago at this point. Upon completing my playthrough of the game, I was left feeling like I made a mistake by not playing it sooner because when it comes down to it, Dead Space is an amazing game.

Dead Space puts players in control of Isaac Clarke, who arrives with his team on the USG Ishimura after a distress signal is sent. Quickly after arriving, Clarke and the others realise that something has gone seriously wrong, and are attacked by mutilated humanoids known as Necromorphs. From there you’re tasked with finding out what happened to the people on the Ishimura, and finding a way to escape.

Before playing the game, I wasn’t expecting much from its storyline, but it’s surprisingly interesting. While appearances from other characters are generally few and far between, the interactions between Isaac and those left alive on the Ishimura are fun to see. You’ll come across villainous characters, ones that wish to help, and some that are genuinely disturbing. 

To survive against the army of Necromorphs, Dead Space provides a number of weapons and abilities to utilise. Admittedly, some of the weapons aren’t all that exciting to use, but you’ll definitely find an interest in quite a few of them. For me personally, I liked to rock the plasma cutter and the pulse rifle most of the time but I took advantage of whatever weapons and abilities that were available throughout the game.

Speaking of abilities, in Dead Space you’re able to slow time with stasis, or throw objects with kinesis. I rarely made use of the kinesis ability unless I was required to, but stasis is a great method of getting an advantage over a group of enemies that are rushing at you.

Dead Space succeeds in a variety of areas, but I think my favourite thing about the game is its atmosphere. When I played through the game, there weren’t many genuinely scary moments, but the way in which the game toys with your sense of a paranoia always keeps you on your toes. That’s because Dead Space provides players with moments that are unnerving to experience. Whether it’s seeing another survivor, or hearing a sound without knowing where it came from, you’ll always feel on guard when you’re playing through Dead Space.

If you’re a fan of the survival horror genre, then Dead Space is a game that you absolutely have to experience. Dead Space highlights the talent that was present at Visceral Games, with its enjoyable gameplay and unnerving atmosphere. If you’ve got Dead Space in your backlog of games, make it a priority on your list because its more than deserving of your time.

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