In one of my previous articles, I talked about games that didn’t quite get the recognition that I felt they were deserving of. One of the key titles that I talked about was the focus of today’s Catch Up; Prey

Prey is one of 2017’s most underrated titles. The game seemed to fly under the radar of many despite being a great game. In Prey, you control a character known as Morgan Yu. Morgan has recently been recruited by their brother Alex to join Transtar; a research team aboard a space station known as Talos 1. As one would expect, things don’t exactly go to plan on Talos 1 and the station is soon overrun by hostile aliens known as the Typhon.

From there, the story introduces many twists and turns that keep things fresh and interesting from start to finish. The plot of the game is actually one of its finest components. While there aren’t many characters that you’ll interact with, the ones that are present play an interesting role in the game. If you’re interested, the computers in the game feature a collection of emails that further detail what took place on Talos 1 before and after the Typhon invaded as well as providing details on many of Talos 1’s inhabitants.

Gameplay in Prey can range from being a slow, tense experience to absolute chaos, and it tends to change in a matter of moments. During my playthrough, I found that the preferred approach was to utilise stealth in order to stalk enemies in the game, waiting for the right moments to separate them and then launching an attack that utilises your weapons as well as the various abilities that you’ll have at your disposal.

I found that a more methodical approach was the best choice in this game as the Typhon are an intimidating foe. Not only can a mimic catch you off guard at any moment, but the phantoms are also a dangerous threat. Having to take on a combination of the two could quickly lead to death, and with ammunition and items being scarce throughout the game, it’s best not to go in guns blazing most of the time.

If I had stopped playing Prey halfway through the game, I’d honestly have a hard time noticing any significant flaws that need to be mentioned. Unfortunately, as you progress through the game you’ll find that it does suffer from framerate problems, and in one section of the game it’s almost completely unplayable. I was playing on an Xbox One S, so I’m not certain if the problems are less-prevalent on the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. Nevertheless, the game has been out for over a year now, and without a significant patch to address the problem it’s likely that you’ll be dealing with drops at multiple points throughout the game.

Despite the framerate problems disrupting my enjoyment of the game, Prey is a fun game overall. Thanks to its slow but exciting gameplay sections and an engaging narrative, it’s worth overlooking the unfortunate framerate issues that plagued the second half of the game. Bethesda have published many games with a great single player experience, and Prey is definitely one of them. Despite underperforming, I hope that Bethesda give Arkane Studios the opportunity to continue the story at some point in the future.

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