Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

After Uncharted 4, many expected the series to be done for good, but Naughty Dog clearly had other plans. For the first time ever, The Lost Legacy gives Nathan Drake a break from the series and instead puts us in control of Chloe Frazer. Chloe has enlisted the help of Nadine Ross, who players should remember from Uncharted 4. Nadine has since been exiled from Shoreline and is now assisting Chloe in her search for the Tusk of Ganesh.

If you’ve played Uncharted 4, you’ll be more than comfortable with The Lost Legacy, as it’s essentially more of the same. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it means that we’re presented with amazing set pieces, beautiful environments, and the finely crafted gameplay experiences that the series is known for.

The Lost Legacy takes place in India, and Naughty Dog have gone to great lengths to create environments that are up to the visual standard that the series has become known for. Uncharted 4 featured some amazing locations, but at the very least, The Lost Legacy is a strong competitor in succeeding it thanks to some beautiful locations, such as Halibidu.

In their quest to find the Tusk of Ganesh, Chloe and Nadine are forced to go up against Asav, a former doctor turned insurgent leader who is also searching for the artefact. I’ve always thought that the primary antagonists in the Uncharted series were usually one of the more underwhelming aspects of each game, but I enjoyed Asav more than previous villains in the series.

I mentioned earlier that The Lost Legacy feels very familiar, and this becomes evident in the final chapters of the game. Without giving away spoilers, the last section of the game will feel very familiar for those who have played the previous games. I’m not quite sure if Naughty Dog constructed this section as a celebration of the series, but it felt like an underwhelming end to the game

For fans of the Uncharted series, The Lost Legacy is more than deserving of a purchase. Because of its smaller scope, the game is cheaper than previous entries in the series, coming in at $50.00 (AUD). If you’ve never played Uncharted before (you should), the game has also been on sale at a reduced price on the Playstation Store on multiple occasions since its release. If you’re not keen on jumping in at full price, I recommend keeping an eye out for it.

Uncharted is one of the biggest IPs on the Playstation platform, so I don’t expect the series to end anytime soon. But if the entries continue to follow the same level of quality that The Lost Legacy has, I’ll be more than happy to continue playing.

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