Great Co-Op Games

Multiplayer is such a large component of many games these days, with many of them providing players with multiple modes where they can compete against each other in team-based and free-for-all situations.

While online multiplayer provides players with addicting and exciting gameplay, let’s not forget about how fun co-operative play with friends can be. With that being said, let’s take a look at five games that provide some great co-op experiences.


Halo took the world by storm when it first released, providing Microsoft with a killer app that’s remained their number one IP since. Not only did it provide an excellent single player experience, but its campaign was also extremely fun to play with friends.

As an added bonus, just about every Halo entry has come with split-screen support (except for you, Halo 5), allowing the players to combat The Covenant with thrilling first-person action that the series has become known for.

Castle Crashers

We don’t hear much about it these days, but back when it originally released, Castle Crashers was adored by many. A 2D beat ‘em up game, Castle Crashers follows four knights tasked with rescuing four princesses imprisoned by a dark wizard. It’s a simple story, but it’s the gameplay that truly makes Castle Crashers shine.

While incorporating some RPG elements, the side scrolling action is what was truly addicting about this game. Add in three of your friends and it only gets better as you work together to progress through the game’s levels.


Identified as a “role-playing shooter”, the Borderlands series is easily one of the best games to play with others. Borderlands is an exceptional game in many ways, not only does its randomly generated loot system allow for a unique experience among playthroughs, it’s also strengthened by frantic, enjoyable gameplay elements and some great humour.

These strengths are further enjoyed with the addition of other players, and with a wealth of quests, multiple character classes, and a selection of raid bosses across the series, Borderlands is a fine example of a game that provides a great co-op experience.

Left 4 Dead

Like many other people, I was hooked on Left 4 Dead when the first entry was released in 2008. In a world impacted by a zombie outbreak, players traverse through four lengthy campaigns as one of the game’s four protagonists while being hunted by the undead.

The best thing about the Left 4 Dead series was the presence of an AI known as “The Director” which oversaw the games campaign and multiplayer modes. To create a dynamic experience this AI adjusts item spawns, as well as enemy placements and horde occurrences, which significantly increased the replay value of the game. Factor in the presence of additional players and you’re left with a game that provided some remarkable co-op moments.

A Way Out

As the newest game on this list, A Way Out is unique in that it was specifically designed for a co-operative experience.

A Way Out puts you and a friend in control of Leo and Vincent; two prisoners who plan to break out of jail and go on the run from the police. In order to do so, the two players must work together by taking on different roles and cooperating with each other to achieve their goal.

Games like A Way Out are few and far between these days, but it’s refreshing to see that genuine co-op experiences can still succeed. Not only has A Way Out achieved financial success, but it’s been a hit among reviewers and gamers alike.

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