Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t Cost Extra On Next-Gen Consoles

Recently, 2K and Activision have announced plans to price their next-generation titles at a higher price to their current-generation counterparts. Citing increased production costs associated with developing for the new systems, the news was met with criticism from gamers.

CD Projekt Red talked about their next-gen pricing plans for Cyberpunk 2077 in a recent investor brief, confirming that the title would stick to current industry pricing standards for the game’s launch on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

“When it comes to USD, we launched our preorders at 60 USD and of course we’re going to keep that price for the consumers,” he said. “We’re not going to change it at the last minute to 70 USD. So just to confirm–these prices are out in the market anyway; you can check them on various sites: 59.99 USD and 69.99 EUR is what we’re going for,” said company executive Michal Nowakowski.

The news is sure to make fans happy. CD Projekt Red has already announced that they’d provide a free upgrade for those that purchase Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One or Playstation 4. They’ll be doing the same for the recently announced enhanced edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC on November 19. It will also be available on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 at a later date.

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