Demon Souls Runs At 1440p/60FPS on PS5

According to an analysis conducted by Digital Foundry, the upcoming Demon Souls remake runs at a native 1440p/60FPS on the PlayStation 5.

The remarks come from one of their latest videos where they studied the gameplay presentation at the most recent PlayStation 5 Showcase, where Demon Souls had a lengthy gameplay demo.

Digital Foundry noticed that the demo was likely shown in a performance mode, as the game is set to feature 4K graphics when it launches alongside the console next month.

The video also notes the incredibly fast load times, which look to take only a second. It’s a significant improvement over the original, which took roughly 11 seconds to load.

If this is in fact the case, it’s great to see that next-gen titles will continue to offer performance modes to those that are willing to sacrifice graphics somewhat in order to get a smooth, stable gameplay experience.

Demon Souls will launch on November 12 for PlayStation 5.

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