E3: EA Coverage

EA finished up their press conference just a short while ago, so with that being said let’s get right into and talk about what was shown during their presser.

Battlefield 5

EA kicked things off with a looking into the multiplayer component of Battlefield V. Oskar Gabrielson and Lars Gustavsson of DICE revealed that players can dive through windows, and move defensive weapons around to gain advantages and more in Battlefield V. Additionally, the destruction that the series has become known for makes a return once again, and is even more impact than ever before. Customisation was also talked up even more, with Battlefield V allowing players to customise their soldier, vehicles, and weapons in the game.

They also provided some more information on the single player portion of the game. War Stories will return again in Battlefield V. In War Stories, DICE wanted to create real and relatable characters, and we’ll get our first look at this during Microsoft’s E3 presser

To close up the segment, they revealed some information that’s bound to delight players. First up, Battlefield V will not feature any lootboxes, nor will it have a premium pass for its content. Finally, the rumours are true, Battlefield V will have its very own battle royale mode. Taking advantage of all the great things that make Battlefield what is it, the battle royale mode will feel like no other. We’ll get more details on this mode later this year.

A brief trailer of the multiplayer gameplay was shown, and I thought it was much more interesting that the trailer shown during the reveal event. The game looks gorgeous and I’m excited to see more.


Following the video on Battlefield V we were treated with one for FIFA 19 showing off the champions league, which will be the focus across all modes in this years entry to the series. EA have continued to refine the experience based on community feedback. We’ll hear more about this in the coming months, but the gameplay experience is said to be on another level. FIFA 19 launches on September 28.

To round out the segment they briefly discussed FIFA 18. The World Cup experience has been implemented into the game across all platforms via a free update, which is available now. Additionally, a free trial of FIFA 18 is currently available for players to download.

Origin Access Premier 

Origin Access Premier looks like an extension of EA Access to a degree, but it’s only available for PC for the time being. The subscription will bring all of EA’s new release games to players, beginning with Madden NFL 19 later this year. It’ll also allow access to all EA games within the vault, which includes games from EA and other publishers.

Origin Access Premier will be available later this year, but once again EA are offering a free trial of their EA Access subscription during the week of E3.

Star Wars

Vince Zampella of Respawn Entertainment revealed that their Star Wars game is going to be called Jedi: Fallen Order. It takes place during the dark times when the Jedi’s are being hunted and is set between episodes III & IV. We’ll be able to get our hands on it Holiday 2019.

This was such an odd way to make an announcement for their game. They provided a name and release date, yet at the same time it’s too early to show off anything for the game at all. I know they’ve been working on the game for quite some time already, but not showing anything for it makes me question the chances of it actually releasing next year.

Afterwards they cut back to the stage to reveal what’s coming to Star Wars Battlefront II later this year. In the coming months, they’ll be adding a new squad system, which will make it much easier to team up and play with your friends. They’ll also be adding a new star fighter mode, which centres on dogfighting with your heroes’ ships. Further down the line, we’ll see a large-scale, multiplayer sandbox experience that’s centred around capturing command posts and attacking and taking out capital ships.

That’s not all though, later this year Battlefront II will also release content focused on the Clone Wars. New heroes and villains include, General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, and Anakin Skywalker. There will also multiple levels added to the game, including one that’s bigger than any other level before.

Unravel Two

We got to see a reveal trailer for Unravel Two, which showed Yarny lost at sea. The game will be more focused towards a co-operative experience, as two characters will always be on screen although you can still play by yourself.

We were also treated to what began as a single-player gameplay demo, which shows the ability to combine and split the two characters apart. The demo switched to two-player, which might imply a seamless drop-in-drop-out system. It was a short but fun demo that showed off the game mechanics well. They finished up this portion with another video showing off different parts of the game, and the biggest reveal here is that Unravel Two is available today!

Sea of Solitude

I mentioned this game in the E3 Preview for EA, and we got a look at the game during the presser. Sea of Solitude is an interesting take on how people deal with loneliness. It’s about a young woman who suffers from this, how it affects her, and how she overcomes it. The segment ended with a short, but interesting teaser trailer once again. I’m eager to hear more about this game as it nears closer to its release. Sea of Solitude will be available in early 2019

NBA Live 19 and Madden NFL 19 

I’ve combined these sections because both segments were honestly quite short and didn’t really provide much information at all. I expect we’ll hear much more about these games later on, but what we saw didn’t elicit much of a reaction.

That being said, we saw a trailer for NBA Live 19, which will be available on September 7. After that there was a segment featuring JuJu” Smith-Schuster of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Young Kiv, winner of the Madden 18 Madden Bowl Championship. They talked about the road to him winning the championship. This was probably the worst part of the conference, I didn’t think it needed to be there at all and it felt incredibly awkward. After they left the stage we saw a trailer for Madden 19.

Command & Conquer Rivals

We were treated with something a little different after the Madden segment; a live match of Command & Conquer Rivals was played. Command & Conquer Rivals is a mobile competitive RTS. The aim of the game is to control two of three locations in order to gain access to a missile to attack the enemies’ base, which takes two missiles to take down.

The game isn’t available just yet but players can join in on the technical alpha right now by searching for the game on their iOS or Android device.


To close the show, we got an extensive look at Anthem. This portion of the show began with a trailer utilising game engine footage. It showed off some interesting tidbits, including underwater traversal, the ability to freeze enemies and more.

Following this, there was a sit-down interview with Casey Hudson, Cathleen Rootsaert and Mark Darrah of Bioware to talk about the game and its development. During this segment, we got some information about various aspects of the game.

When you’re playing out in the open, you’ll be in a shared world. This means you’ll come across other players, and what you see will be the same for them. It’s here that you’ll be working together to complete missions and challenges. However, once these missions are finished and you return to a base, the game turns into a single player experience. These bases are where you turn in your rewards, speak with characters, and experience the choices of your actions.

They also spoke about the general premise of the game. The world has been left unfinished by the gods, but they have left behind their tools which are in constant contact with an unknowable force called ‘The Anthem of Creation’. The chaos of this affects the world greatly, resulting in violent storms, mutated creatures and more.

Anthem features four Javelins exo-suits that players can utilise; the ranger, colossus, interceptor and the storm, which have their own unique attributes that set them apart from each other.

The game will have an extensive customisation system, allowing players to adjust the colours of each javelin as well of the geometry of the suits. Some cosmetic and vanity items will be available for purchase. However, players will know exactly what they’re getting before they make the purchase. Like Battlefield V, lootboxes won’t be present in Anthem.

Following this interview segment, we finally got a gameplay presentation of Anthem which showed off one of the missions in the game. Environmental destruction looks to be possible in the game in some areas as a colossus managed to cause significant damage to a shack with its missiles. The gameplay demo ended just as a large beast dropped down to attack players.

Anthem will be available on February 22, 2019. Same day as Days Gone, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these games were moved to another date.

That’s it for EA’s press conference, check in tomorrow and throughout the week for more coverage on E3!

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