E3 Preview: Sony

For those of you that have tuned in to Sony’s press briefings at E3 for the last few years, you’ll know that they tend to deliver an entertaining show with some great moments. I’ll never forget their 2013 presentation where they capitalised on Microsoft’s misfires to produce one of the most memorable conferences in years.

Since then they’ve treated us to some other great reveals and announcements. They’ve re-revealed The Last Guardian after years of silence, they announced the return of Crash Bandicoot, and they’ve shown off the recently released reboot of God of War. These are just a few moments of many.

Sony’s conference this year will be an interesting one. Surprisingly, they’ve already announced that we’ll be getting more information on Death Stranding, Spiderman, Ghosts of Tsushima, and The Last of Us 2. With that in mind, let’s talk about what else we might see.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Last month, after months of speculation, we were finally treated with the return of Spyro the Dragon. Much like the N.Sane Trilogy, Spyro Reignited Trilogy will fully remake the series’ original three games, allowing many fans to relive some of their favourite games from their childhood.

Because Sony previously supported the return of Crash Bandicoot during their past E3 pressers, I think this year we’ll be treated with another trailer for the Reignited Trilogy, which will hopefully provide a closer look at all three games in the collection.

Playstation VR

Since its release in October 2016, Sony have put a considerable amount of support into Playstation VR in order to provide consumers with a variety of unique experiences that they can immerse themselves in.

Just last year, we saw them reveal VR experiences set within the worlds of The Last Guardian and Wipeout. At E3 this year, I expect this trend to continue with Sony announcing a slew of games that will be available in the months following.


We first saw Dreams in 2013, and it was officially announced at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2015. Since then, we’ve been treated to some gameplay demos here and there but we have yet to be given a definitive release date.

Media Molecule have been working on the game for quite some time, and I’m hoping that this will ensure that players will be getting a quality product. That being said, I think it’s finally time we heard about when we’ll be able to get our hands on Dreams.

Indies Indies Indies!

Much like Microsoft, Sony have put a considerable spotlight on independent developers and their efforts. Whether it’s at E3, Gamescom, Paris Games Week, or PSX, the upcoming indie titles are always put on display.

During Sony’s presser at E3 this year, I think we’ll see a selection of indie titles that will be released within the coming months as well as a few that will release in 2019.

Bloodborne 2

Releasing in early 2015, Bloodborne was a massive success for Sony and the Playstation brand. Featuring the same Souls-like gameplay that fans had come to known, the game provided a number of difficult bossfights and outright terrifying enemies. Bloodborne still stands as one of the greatest Playstation 4 exclusives because of such quality.

We might have already seen a new project teased by From Software already, but they’ve worked in two teams for quite some time now. Because of this, and the massive success that the original Bloodborne was for Sony, I think there’s a chance that we could see a sequel announced at Sony’s briefing this year.

Based on what we’ve heard about already, it looks like Sony are well on their way to presenting a stacked E3 showing. With games such as The Last of Us 2, Days Gone, Death Stranding, and more, Sony clearly have a strong lineup of games on the way and I’m sure it’ll only look better once E3 is over.

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