E3 Preview: Ubisoft

Like many other publishers, Ubisoft are no strangers to E3 and they know how to deliver a standout press conference that brings some surprises and highly requested reveals that build excitement. It feels like they manage to pull of multiple memorable segments each time. Take last year for example, which saw two excellent reveals in the form of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Beyond Good and Evil 2.

This year, I’m expecting Ubisoft to provide some awesome announcements this when they hold their briefing on June 11. Here’s what I think we might see.

Watch Dogs 3 

Watch Dogs is an interesting series. After an excellent show-closing reveal at E3 2012, the first entry in the series ultimately fell flat upon release thanks to an insufferable protagonist, an uninteresting storyline and a hacking mechanic that wasn’t quite as interesting as initially thouht. Despite this, it still managed to sell reasonably well, and Watch Dogs 2 improved upon the game in many respects.

Watch Dogs 2 released in November 2016, and if we were to follow the series release pattern, that would mean that we’d be due for a new entry to this series at some point this year. Because of this, I think it’s possible that Ubisoft will reveal the game at E3 with a release planned a few months later. Although with the second half of the year looking pretty stacked as it is, perhaps Ubisoft will launch the latest entry in the early months of 2019? We’ll have to wait and see.

Splinter Cell

Ah Splinter Cell. It’s been so long since we’ve seen Sam Fisher in a game of his own. Splinter Cell: Blacklist didn’t quite perform as well as Ubisoft would have liked, but personally I felt that it deserved more attention than what it got. Blacklist was great, and after almost five years it’s time for the series to make an epic return.

Rumours about the return of Sam Fisher have been circling for months now, and a recent accidental listing from Walmart Canada seem to indicate that we’ll be seeing a new Splinter Cell sometime in the near future. Let’s hope that Ubisoft will have an announcement planned at E3 this year. 

Beyond Good & Evil 2 

Last year we saw Ubisoft close their press conference with a reveal that many of us wouldn’t have expected. The original Beyond Good & Evil was a cult hit that attracted a dedicated following of fans, however it was considered a commercial failure due to poor sales.

After years of demand, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now in development and while we’ve seen some snippets of gameplay I think there’s a strong chance that we’ll get a much longer segment during Ubisoft’s conference that truly shows off the gameplay that we can expect.

The Division 2

Ubisoft and the team at Massive Entertainment first confirmed that The Division 2 was in the works earlier this year, but since then they’ve been silent. With The Division being such a massive success when it released in 2015, it’s possible that Ubisoft are waiting until E3 to reveal the game on a big stage in order to grab attention.

We don’t know much about what’s in store for this sequel, but with how popular the first entry was it’s likely that Ubisoft will want to retain the success by building upon what worked in the original while also introducing some new elements to attract players to the game.

Showstopping Reveal

After tuning in to Ubisoft’s E3 press conferences for many years, I’ve found that the best part is usually the end. No, that’s not because I’m glad it’s over, but it’s because on almost every occasion they’ve revealed a new game in epic fashion.

We previously saw this with excellent reveals of Watch Dogs, Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon and Beyond Good & Evil 2, and I’d like to see this occur once more. Perhaps this is when we’ll see the return of Splinter Cell? Or it could also be something brand new. Whatever it is, I’m hopeful that Ubisoft can pull off something spectacular once again.

We haven’t even come close to covering what Ubisoft could possibly show off at E3 this year. Let’s not forget about games such as The Crew 2, Skull and Bones, and Ubisoft’s Avatar game that’s in development. When Ubisoft hold their briefing on June 11, I’m sure they’ll have some announcements that are bound to get people excited.

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