First Chapter Of Tell Me Why Coming August 27

DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT’S next episodic adventure, Tell Me Why will see its first chapter launched on August 27, with its second and third chapters following over the course of a fortnight.

“Tell Me Why is the story of two twins, Alyson and Tyler Ronan, who reunite for the first time in ten years after their mother’s death. Upon returning to their childhood home in rural Alaska, the Ronans realize that their shared past may not be as they remember it,” said Livvy Hall, Community Manager, Xbox Game Studios.

The latest trailer showcased the importance of memories in the game, as Alyson and Tyler work to uncover the details around their Mother’s death.

“In Tell Me Why, memories are not only a key part of Tyler and Alyson’s journey – they’re also a major gameplay mechanic. Players will use the twins’ supernatural Bond as one of many ways to find out the truth of the events surrounding their mother’s death. The choices the player makes with the Bond will influence Tyler and Alyson’s relationship for better or for worse, as well as alter the course of the game through branching dialogue and dramatic actions.”

DONTNOD and Xbox have taken great care and consideration in the development of the game, ensuring that the game stays true to the representation of the identities and issues within the game.

Chapter 1 of Tell Me Why will be available for Xbox One and Windows PC on August 27. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll get to play it for free. For more information, check out the trailer below or head over to Xbox Wire.

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