Halo Infinite Box Art Channels Combat Evolved

The box art for Halo Infinite has been revealed and many are comparing it to the box art for Halo: Combat Evolved.

After many feeling disappointed in the campaign portion of Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries are looking to take the series back to its roots. If the box art is any indication, Halo Infinite looks to be doing just that.

The artwork features a number of series mainstays, Master Chief included. The Pelican and Wasp – two of the series’ many vehicles – make an appearance. The environment in the background also looks open and expansive, with mysterious forerunner structures littered throughout.

The timing is apt, with campaign gameplay for Halo Infinite set to be revealed for the time tonight at the Xbox Games Showcase (airing at 2:00AM AEST). Here’s hoping that the game has a great showing.

If you’re a fan of the art and are looking for a new wallpaper or phone background, you can find a number of sizing options here.

Halo Infinite will be available when the Xbox Series X launches later this year. It will also be available on Xbox One and Windows PC.

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