Halo Infinite Finally Shown During Xbox Games Showcase

After an initial reveal over two years ago and months of teasing, we were finally treated to campaign gameplay for 343 Industries’ upcoming Halo Infinite.

Xbox’s biggest franchise hasn’t had a mainline entry since 2015, and the gameplay we saw felt very reminiscent of Halo: Combat Evolved, while simultaneously feeling likes its own entity with a range of new additions and gameplay features.

The gameplay we saw confirmed the long-rumoured grappling hook, one of the new pieces of equipment in Master Chief’s arsenal. It also confirmed that The Banished would appear as a faction in the game, which 343 Industries had teased just a few weeks prior.

A range of new weaponry and a vast open-world certainly has me excited. Check out the gameplay trailer below and head over to Halo Waypoint for more information on the demo.

Halo Infinite will be available alongside the launch of Xbox Series X this holiday. It will also be available for Xbox One and Windows PC.

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