Halo: MCC Hits 50,000 Concurrent Players With Halo 3 Release

The addition of Halo 3 into The Master Chief Collection on PC has resulted in a surge of Steam users jumping into the game.

Propelling the game into Steam’s Top 10 list of most-played games, Halo: The Master Chief Collection racked up a total of 54,761 players at its highest point. This comes after the latest update to the game, where the highly anticipated Halo 3 was added to the collection.

Featuring up to 4K UHD support at 60 FPS and other PC enhancements, Halo 3 looks better than it ever has on PC. Alongside Halo 3 comes a new progression system and the return of Forge and Theater modes.

Since December of last year, 343 Industries have been individually releasing each title, beginning with Halo: Reach. Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 were added to the collection earlier this year, and Halo 3: ODST and Halo 4 are set to arrive in the coming months.

The games are also seeing significant sales success too, with Halo MCC hitting No.2 on Steams best-seller charts. Meanwhile, Halo 3 has managed to take the No.3 spot.

The segmented release of The Master Chief Collection is clearly keeping the series in players minds, a significant benefit for Xbox considering Halo Infinite is set to launch later this year. Xbox has been hinting at what’s to come, teasing at a potential return of The Banished. Fans of the series will get their first glimpse at campaign gameplay during the Xbox Games Showcase on July 24 (2:00 AM AEST).

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