Hello Games Working On “Ambitious” New Title

Hello Games, known for their work on No Man’s Sky have confirmed they’re currently in the early stages of development on a game that they’re saying is a “huge, ambitious” project.

Mentioned in an interview with Polygon, Hello Games’ Sean Murray mentioned that a significant portion of the team was working on the game. The studio is now made up of 26 people in total, spread across this project, updates for No Man’s Sky and The Last Campfire.

Sean noted that the game wasn’t far along at all, and is apprehensive about discussing details around the game too early – a move that previously impacted the initial release of No Man’s Sky. While many would argue that Sean and the team have since redeemed the game, you can understand why they don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Whatever the game is, it certainly sounds like we won’t be seeing it for a while. Either way, with how the team have developed No Man’s Sky into the game that it is today, we’re sure a lot of people are looking forward to hearing more about their next project.

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