Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Detailed

It was one of the most surprising announcements to come from the Super Mario-themed Nintendo Direct last month, but we’ve finally received more details around Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit ahead of its release later this month.

A brand-new trailer breaks down all of the features of the game, and it certainly looks like one of the most ambitious titles to come from Nintendo in some time.

Developed in partnership with Velan Studios, the game uses AR technology to bring Mario Kart to your own home. You can play as either Mario or Luigi depending on the set you choose, which also comes with four gates, two arrow markers that can be used to enhance your tracks, and a USB charging cable for the kart. The set will sell for an RRP of AUD $149.95

The main mode of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is Grand Prix, where players will face off against the Koopalings across eight Grand Prix featuring 24 different courses in total.

One of the coolest features is how the physical kart is impacted during the race. For example, grabbing a mushroom in-game gives the physical kart a speed boost, whereas getting hit by a red shell will stop the kart in its tracks.

Up to 4 players can race against each other in either Grand Prix or Custom Race modes, although you’ll need multiple Nintendo Switch consoles and copies of the game.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be available for Nintendo Switch on October 16.

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