Minecraft Dungeons Creeping Winter DLC Coming September 8

The second Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Creeping Winter, will be available alongside on a free update on September 8, Mojang has confirmed.

In an update published earlier today, Mojang’s Kelsey Howard announced the news, alongside plans for a physical launch that will come with all additional content.

The Creeping Winter DLC will add new levels to the game, set within a brand-new snowy landscape. It will also feature new mobs for players to fight on their adventures.

Additionally, and personally more exciting is the arrival of another content update that brings some significant additions to the game. Players will now be able to add new merchants to their camp. You’ll be able to recruit a Blacksmith, who will upgrade items for you and the Gift Wrapper, who will allow you to trade items with other players in multiplayer. The Merchants can also be levelled up for additional stock.

There will also be Daily Trials, which adjust the game’s mechanics to impose challenging restrictions on the player. We can only hope that they come with some significant rewards for completing them.

Unfortunately, no new update was shared on their plans to implement cross-play, which is still set to be added in an update at some point this year.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC. Check out our review of the game here.

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