Minecraft Dungeons DLC, Cross-Play And More Detailed

With Minecraft Live taking place over the weekend, new details were shared on updates coming to Minecraft Dungeons over the coming months. A new paid DLC has been revealed, alongside 20 new difficulty levels and we got a first look at the games cross-play feature.

The next DLC coming to the game is called ‘Howling Peaks’ and looks to be themed around adventuring through a frosty mountain setting. Players will come across a new boss in the form of the Tempest Golem, and there will be additional mobs added to the game as well.

The new Apocalypse Plus difficulty is also coming to Minecraft Dungeons as a free update to the game, which adds 20 new difficulties after Apocalypse VII. It will also increase the characters’ power ceiling, and add new enchantments and items.

Finally, Cross-Play was demoed during the event, showing four players interacting across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. The feature will arrive in an update sometime next month.

There were more Minecraft-related announcements made over the weekend, including the addition of Steve to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Head over to Minecraft.net for details on other announcements.

Minecraft Dungeons is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Read our review here.

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