Niantic To Address Mega Evolution Criticisms In Pokémon Go

Following an initial announcement during the first-ever Pokémon Presents, Mega Evolutions were recently introduced to Pokémon Go. However, after criticism from players surrounding the difficulty in being able to Mega Evolve their Pokémon, Niantic has outlined multiple changes to that will be introduced.

Currently, Mega Evolutions can only be obtained by collecting mega energy that is only available in high-level raids. This looks set to change, with Niantic detailing how acquiring mega energy will become easier in a recent update on their website.

The following changes have now been added to the game:

  • The Mega Energy requirement to Mega Evolve a Pokémon that has already Mega Evolved before has decreased
  • The amount of Mega Energy that Trainers receive from winning Mega Raids has increased

In the future, the following changes will also be added to the game:

  • Walking with your buddy to earn Mega Energy
  • More ways to earn Mega Energy through research tasks and other gameplay
  • Earning bonus Candy when catching Pokémon that share a type with your Mega-Evolved Pokémon

Niantic hasn’t shared an exact timeline on when we might see these changes, but we’ll be sure to update you once we know more.

Pokémon Go is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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