Overwatch Summer Games – All Of The New Skins

The Summer Games event has returned to Overwatch and with it has brought a collection of new unlockable items. The time-limited event runs from August 4 until August 26 across all platforms. Lucioball makes a return with a few minimal changes. Lucio’s ability cooldowns are shorter, his range efficiency is increased, player movement is faster and launch pads will shoot players higher than ever before.

There’s also a more chaotic alternative – Lucio Remix. At least two balls are in play at all times, but more balls will spawn as the game progresses. Positions also won’t be reset when someone scores.

Onto the good stuff, as many of you are probably keen to see the latest skins added to the game. Do note that these can only be obtained while The Summer Games is active in-game, so if you want them all you’ll need to be quick. There are some greats ones this year, so check out the below gallery and let us know of your favourites.

Overwatch is available across Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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