Pokémon Go Autumn Event Starts This Week, Deerling Added

While Spring might have just started here in Australia, Pokémon Go will instead be celebrating the arrival of autumn, with a special event set to kick off later this week.

Detailed on the official blog for the game, the 2020 Autumn event will begin on October 10 at 6:00 AM AEST and will add a range of features to the game. Check them out below:

  • Berries will be twice as effective when you give them as treats to your Buddy Pokémon.
  • Earn twice the usual Candy you normally would when catching a Pokémon that you’ve given a Pinap Berry to.
  • Berries will drop more often when you spin Photo Discs at PokéStops and Gyms.
  • Shiny Vulpix Encounters.
  • Autumn-themed Pokémon will be hatching from 5 km Eggs.
  • Deerling, the Season Pokémon, will be making its Pokémon GO debut.

The Autumn-themed Pokémon mentioned earlier will also appear in the wild more often. These Pokémon include:

  • Oddish
  • Vulpix
  • Bayleef
  • Hoothoot
  • Sudowoodo
  • Yanma
  • Pineco
  • Zigzagoon
  • Seedot
  • Shroomish
  • Plant Cloak Burmy
  • Foongus

The blog also seems to hint at adjustments coming to the game’s egg hatching mechanics, noting that with some parts of the world transitioning into a cooler Autumn, few different Pokémon will be hatching from eggs soon. This is set to take place from October 12 to 19.

Pokémon Go is available now for iOS and Android devices.

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