Pokémon Unite Revealed

It looks like The Pokémon Company weren’t finished with new announcements after last weeks inaugural Pokémon Presents,as they had even more to show off.

In the latest stream, The Pokémon Company unveiled Pokémon Unite, the first cooperative, strategy-based Pokémon game. Created in partnership with Tencent, the game is developed by TiMi Studios who previously worked on Arena of Valor.

The overarching goal of the project was to develop a co-operative team-based experience that was not only fun but easy for players to pick up and play. The game pits two teams of five Pokemon inside a battle arena. You’ll need to work with your teammates to capture wild Pokémon in order to score points. You’ll also need to defeat these Pokémon in order to become stronger. In doing so, you’ll level up your character and unlock additional attacks to use. For some Pokémon, you might even get the chance to evolve.

The game certainly has some MOBA-like elements to it, and it looks like the team are looking to bring the highly competitive energy that MOBA’s like League of Legends possess.

Pokémon Unite will be released as a free to start title across Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android and it will also feature crossplay. Tsunekazu Ishihara, President and CEO of The Pokémon Company didn’t detail when the game would release but did note that the team were hard at work on ensuring they create a game that everyone will love.

We’ll be sure to update you all once a release date is shared but in the meantime, check out the entire presentation below.

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