Sackboy: A Big Adventure Gameplay Detailed

Ahead of its launch alongside the PlayStation 5, Sackboy: A Big Adventure just received a brand-new trailer that details the gameplay features that you can expect to see in the game.

Ned Waterhouse, Design Director on the game, spoke to the importance of providing a smooth experience for players, and ultimately revealed that the game would run at 60FPS.

He also discussed the design around Sackboy himself, revealing the team had completely re-envisioned how the character controlled in order to meet the criteria that a great platformer needs. He has a significantly expanded moveset, with plenty of new skills and abilities. “We wanted a set of controls that gave you loads of options so you could choose how you played the game and define your own style of play,” said Ned.

While it’s also launching on PlayStation 4, Ned spoke to how the power of the PlayStation 5 has allowed Sumo Digital to push the visuals further than ever before, taking Craftworld to the next level.

Finally, co-operative play was reiterated as a big focus of the game. Sackboy: A Big Adventure will feature local or online co-op for up to four players, and you can play through the whole game with each other if you desire. There are also a collection of co-op only levels, as well as multiplayer-specific abilities that you can use to help or hinder your friends.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on November 12.

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