Series That Should Return On Next-Gen Consoles

It feels a little surreal to say, but we’re weeks away from the next generation of video games. It’s been a turbulent year, with the impact of COVID-19 on not only the gaming industry but the world as a whole. We’ve seen multiple titles impacted, with key releases being delayed and plans changing on a frequent basis.

Whether it was because of a global pandemic, or just a different approach to past launches, Sony and Microsoft took much longer to tout their new consoles too. With the cancellation of E3 this year, it’s certainly not a surprise. Microsoft would have been affected by it, and while Sony was not going to attend, it certainly would have impacted the timing of their plans.

Despite this, we’re almost there now. The Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Playstation 5 are launching this November, and we’re all excited to take them for a test drive with some awesome games. You’ll see many expected titles at launch or not long after, games such as Assassin’s Creed and the like. But with a new generation comes new opportunities. Developers and publishers are keen to make new hits and even revive some old ones. There are plenty of series’ that I’d like to see return, so let’s take a look at some that’d be great to see.

Ape Escape

Honestly, I’m a little surprised it’s been so long since we’ve seen Ape Escape on a Playstation console. Ape Escape 3, the last mainline entry in the series released way back in 2005. Most recently though, was a poorly received Playstation Move tie-in that was released in 2010.

The series has been dormant ever since, despite the original series being fondly remembered by fans. As many already know, the original Ape Escape was the first title to make use of Sony’s newly introduced thumb sticks on the original PlayStation, and the series has been praised for its unique control scheme, among other things.

The series is over 20 years old now, and I’d love to see it return to add some more variety to the PlayStation lineup.


It’s hard not to include Banjo-Kazooie on this list given the original is one of my favourite games of all time, but a new Banjo-Kazooie seems like a no brainer.

Following the launch of Sea of Thieves, Rare quickly cemented themselves as one of Xbox’s key development teams, but the team are likely too busy working on additional updates for the game while also developing Everwild.

In saying that though, many of Rare’s IP has a following, with Banjo-Kazooie biggest one of their biggest. We’ve just seen Battletoads get a revival thanks to Xbox Game Pass. It’d be great to see this series get the same treatment or a remake at the very least.

Jak & Daxter

While a beloved series, Jak & Daxter is an interesting one. Each iteration in the main trilogy featured significant differences in the core gameplay. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy was an open-world 3D platformer. Jak 2 kept this but also introduced third-person shooter mechanics as the series simultaneously adopted a more mature edge. Finally, Jak 3 focused more heavily on the series’ driving aspects.

Despite the significant changes in the gameplay loop the series still held a positive reception. But like other series on the list, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Jak and Daxter on a grand adventure.

For me, I’d love to see the series return in a similar vein to the first game. While I loved Jak 2 and Jak 3 when I was younger, The Precursor Legacy holds up much better and is a better game overall. The edginess was a little too much for me in the sequels, but if a new title toned it down and implemented concepts from all three games, I’d be pretty happy with that too.

Sly Cooper

There are quite a few platformers one the list already but frankly, I think it’s a genre that Xbox and PlayStation need to give more focus towards.

The Sly Cooper series is another great one, strengthened by its focus around stealth-based gameplay. In previous entries, we’ve always had the chance to play as each member of the team, so gameplay was somewhat varied as well.

Sucker Punch just wrapped on Ghost of Tsushima, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they were working on that series for the foreseeable future, but it’d be great to see another developer on the series. Sanzaru Games did well with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, so there’s potential for another developer to produce something great.

Dino Crisis

Of Capcom’s series, Dino Crisis is one that has been dormant for some time. Dino Crisis 3 was released 17 years ago, and fans have wanted to see the series return for some time.

As the title of the series implies, dinosaurs are your worst enemy in Dino Crisis. The survival-based series featured some awesome gameplay, and the original series had top-notch graphics and CG cutscenes to go with it.

Many have called for a follow up or remake, and with how successful Capcom have been with Resident Evil (another Shinji Mikami series), that seems like it’d be a pretty good way to start a revival.

Left 4 Dead

Rumours of a new Left 4 Dead have circulated for years now, with reports of a new entry being in development before ultimately being cancelled.

It’d be great to get a new entry in the series. The combination of great gameplay and the constant dread of an incoming horde is sorely missed. After all, who can forget the Tank encounters at the worst possible moment?


A fan favourite first-person shooter series, TimeSplitters is a series that has been sorely missed. TimeSplitters 2 is regarded as the pinnacle of the series, being praised for the significant improvements on its predecessor and wowing critics with an awesome gameplay experience that was strengthened by the game’s strong sense of humour.

Free Radical aren’t around to develop a new title, but the IP was acquired by THQ Nordic in 2018. Series co-creator Steve Ellis is also with the company, pitted with planning the future of the series. Could this ultimately lead to a new entry? One can only hope.

Dead Space

We’re well aware that the Dead Space lost a bit of steam with Dead Space 3, but a revival would certainly be appreciated by many.

Dead Space is truly terrifying. It’s first two entries really nailed their horror-elements, with players constantly dreading the next jump scare or watching in fear as a necromorph sprung to attack once more after already losing a few limbs.

Unfortunately, Visceral Games are no longer around to spearhead a potential entry in the much-loved series, but we’d like to think a suitable developer could do the series justice.


The original Bioshock has some of the best atmosphere in a video game. Rapture is a dark, and mysterious setting, and one of my favourites in a while. Columbia is great too, and a stunning contrast to the failed underwater utopia.

The series benefits from some solid gameplay too, with a collection of cool abilities to take on the vast number of enemies that’ll hunt you down at points in the games.

Some might find the storytelling from Bioshock Infinite to be a bit messy, but across the whole series the plot has kept our interest, and it’s because of that that there are more opportunities for the series to continue.

Thankfully, it’s looking likely that 2K will bring Bioshock back, and we can’t wait to see its return.


We’ve already seen one Valve-published title on the list, but how good would it be to see another Portal game?

It’s a marvellous series that oozes charm with its quirky set of characters and some of the best comedic-writing in the industry. The gameplay was just as good, featuring a collection of puzzle-based chapters that felt incredibly rewarding to work through.

We mentioned it already, but unfortunately Valve isn’t as dedicated to developing new titles these days. They did just release Half-Life: Alyx though, so who knows if we might see Portal return in a similar way someday?

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