Sony Increasing Price Of First-Party Games

Following yesterday’s Playstation 5 Showcase, where Sony revealed the release date and price of the console, they have now also announced that their first-party titles will become more expensive.

Initially revealed when Sony confirmed the Playstation 5‘s launch lineup, they said: “Our own Worldwide Studios titles will be priced from US$49.99 to US$69.99 (RRP) on PS5.” Playstation Australia has that this will be the case over here too, with titles being priced as high as $124.95 AUD.

It’s an announcement that has frustrated many, especially those that live in countries where videogame prices are already inflated. Sony is not the first publisher to increase prices on next-gen consoles, but there’s definitely some cause for concern in this instance.

The Digital Edition Playstation 5 has been a key component of Sony’s next-generation launch plans, designed to serve as a more cost-effective upgrade for those that may be tight on money. However, increasing their digital pricing on first-party titles contradicts this commitment to consumers.

The news adds to a list of annoyances following yesterday’s Showcase. Sony has also received plenty of criticism for their failure to provide any guidance around pre-orders, placing a lot of pressure on retailers.

Sony has not confirmed if this is going to affect all of their titles on PS5, but we’re sure we’ll hear more soon enough.

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