State of Decay 2

If you’ve got around to reading my Catch Up article on State of Decay, you’ll know that I was a massive fan of the game despite its technical problems. Based on what we’ve seen, especially in the last month, it looks like State of Decay 2 will be a significant improvement over its predecessor.

As a sequel to one of 2013’s shock hits, State of Decay 2 looks to follow up on what made the original great. What this means is that we’ll be returning to a world of dread, where the threat of losing a character for good is constantly looming over you.

What’s it about?

Undead Labs have been relatively quiet on what we can expect in terms of storyline, however we do know that the game shares the same world as the original, but we’ll be exploring a brand-new location that’s much larger than before.

The game will share some loose narrative ties, but in no way will players need to experience the first game to understand exactly what’s going on in State of Decay 2. State of Decay was more about the gameplay experience that its plot, so that’s not much of a surprise to hear, and it’s good to see those just jumping into the series can do so without needing to catch up on what happened previously.

What can players do?

If you’ve already played State of Decay before, you’ve probably got a solid idea of what you’ll be able to do this time around. For those that haven’t, you’ll be tasked with surviving in a world full of infected. You’ll have to scavenge buildings for supplies, and take on quests to help out other people in need to maintain your community.

Undead Labs have put in a great effort to enhance these aspects of the game, but they’ve also added in some new elements to freshen the experience up a bit. The most notable of which is a feature that players were begging to be added to the original State of Decay; online multiplayer. Players are now able to play with up to three other people to take on hordes of Zed’s. With a much bigger world, you’ll need a few more hands to scavenge as many materials as possible, and Undead Labs have put high importance on the need for teamwork in order to avoid being overwhelmed by enemies.

When players get their hands on the game, they’ll also be seeing some significant improvements made to the systems related to managing survivors and your home. The upgraded character system in the game has been expanded, with the personalities of your community members now having a larger focus and impact on the game. Undead Labs have also added some more variety with new construction options to build within communities.

What’s on the horizon? 

The team at Undead Labs have promised two additional pieces of downloadable content that will be available for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game (which will also come with a copy of State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition). The downloadable content will also be available to purchase separately.

We’re not quite sure what we’ll be getting with these pieces of downloadable content, as I’m sure Undead Labs will be delving deeper into those details once the game has launched, however if they’re anything like the DLC we received for State of Decay, I’d expect a significant amount of content for both.

It’s only a matter of weeks before we’ll be able to find out just how much State of Decay 2 has improved upon its predecessor. Based on a recent media blowout, the jank that was prominent in State of Decay hasn’t quite disappeared, but there’s still time for Undead Labs to continue to polish the game. Nevertheless, I’m excited to play State of Decay 2.

State of Decay 2 releases on May 18 for those who purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game. For everyone else, the game will be available for purchase or download on Xbox Game Pass on May 22. Check back to see my thoughts on it.

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