The Xbox Series S Has Been Confirmed

Months and months of rumours and leaks have finally been confirmed, with Xbox announcing the Xbox Series S – a smaller, less powerful but more cost-effective alternative to the previously announced Xbox Series X. It will launch at US$299. We’d expect this will equate to AUD$400-450

The console leaked earlier today through Thurott’s Brad Sams. He shared the information in a Youtube video on his personal channel, although he didn’t identify how he obtained the information in the first place.

The information was further supported by Windows Central, but Xbox has now confirmed the news through their official Twitter account, promising more details to be shared soon.

From the looks of things, the Xbox Series S will be a digital-only platform, following a similar pattern to what Sony has announced with their plans for the Playstation 5.

Xbox hasn’t shared any details as to when we’ll know more, but we’ll have more as the news rolls in.

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