What We Know About Pokémon: The Crown Tundra

It was just a few short months ago that Pokémon received its first-ever expansion. Now, Pokémon: The Crown Tundra is on the horizon and looks to improve even further, with a new area, new features, and most importantly, more Pokémon to catch.

Another location set off the coast of Galar, The Crown Tundra is made up of frigid environments and snowy mountains. Despite what might deter most, a small community has been established within, and it’s here that you’ll start your latest journey after being introduced to Peony.

Peony is a new character in the expansion, and he’ll introduce you to a brand-new feature added with the expansion; Dynamax Adventures. Dynamax Adventures teams you up with three other players to explore the inner workings of a Pokémon den. Dynamax Pokémon lurk within these areas, and if you come across one you’ll need to work together to take it down. The catch? Instead of using your own Pokémon like a typical raid, you bring along a team of rental Pokémon on your adventures.

As you progress through the den, you’ll be able to select different paths to take. Ultimately this will result in different Pokémon being encountered before you reach the final Pokémon, which will be one of the returning legendary Pokémon from previous generations.

Legendary Pokémon aren’t the only ones returning to the game with the release of The Crown Tundra. Much like The Isle of Armor, we’ll see the return of many fan-favourite Pokèmon, such as Nidoking, Dragonite, Altaria and Garchomp. We’ll also see Galarian Forms for Slowking and the legendary birds; Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. The exact amount of returning Pokémon will remain a mystery until the expansion launches, but I’d expect a similar amount to what The Isle of Armor provided.

Brand-new legendary Pokemon will also be added in The Crown Tundra. Calyrex, a Psychic/Grass type Pokémon will be the star of the show, but there’s still some mystery around how we’ll encounter it for now. Two new Legendary Titans will also make their debut, with players able to find and catch Regieleki (Electric type) and Regidrago (Dragon type).

The Galarian Star Tournament is another new feature that The Crown Tundra will bring to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. Available after players complete the expansion, the Galarian Star Tournament is a double battle-based tournament where you can team up with some of the games’ key characters. The rewards for winning are unknown at the moment, but Game Freak has noted that interacting and partnering with the characters will provide further insight into their background, and you might even see new sides to some of them. Given many of the gym leaders aren’t explored much (especially the first few), it’s good to see that we’ll see more of them here.

These are the biggest features coming with The Crown Tundra, but there are a few smaller additions. The new expansion will of course bring a number of new clothing options for players that like to customise their character. There will also be a very useful item known as the Ability Patch. The Ability Patch will allow players to change a Pokémon’s ability to its hidden ability (presuming it has one). It’ll be a very helpful tool for players that are building their competitive teams.

Overall, The Crown Tundra is shaping up to be bigger and better than The Isle of Armor was, which is a pretty good sign. While The Isle of Armor was great, it was definitely more of the same to a degree. The Crown Tundra looks like more than that, with Game Freak going the extra mile to introduce new features, more new Pokémon, and what looks to be a bigger area.

Pokémon: The Crown Tundra will be available through the Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield owners on October 22.

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