Worst Pokémon Designs

With close to 900 Pokémon introduced over the course of the franchise’s 20+ year history, there’s bound to be a few bad eggs here and there. Some would argue that the quality of Pokémon designs hasn’t met the heights of the first generation, but let’s be honest here – every generation has its fair share of stinkers.

Today we’ll be highlighting what I think are the worst Pokémon Designs in their respective generation, whether that’s because their design is bland, overcomplicated or just downright atrocious.

Generation I: Jynx

If you ask most people, they’d tell you Generation I is the greatest of them all. It’s a fair claim to make. Pokémon like Charizard, Pikachu and Mewtwo are iconic, but to say that it’s perfect is a far cry to the actual quality of the generation.

Gen I has plenty of questionable Pokémon, but Jynx takes the cake for being the worst of them all. Jynx doesn’t look like a Pokémon, it looks like a human. Sure, you could argue that Mr. Mime suffers from the same problem, and that’s true. However, Jynx was so bad it drew comparisons to racial stereotypes, ultimately resulting in its design being adjusted slightly. Unfortunately, even with this change it still sucks.

Generation II: Qwilfish

Remember Qwilfish? No? You’re not alone. Qwilfish is a top contender for one of the most forgettable Pokémon to ever exist. Introduced in Gen II, some thought of it as a counterpart to Remoraid, except unlike Remoraid Qwilfish doesn’t evolve into something much better.

Honestly, while Qwilfish’s design feels boring and uninspired, it’s not as offensively bad as some others on the list. The issue with Qwilfish is that nobody cares about it. You’ll see it in the Pokedex, but at no point will you ever see it listed among someone’s favourite Pokémon.

Generation III: Gorebyss

A Pokémon who suffers from the same issue as Qwilfish, Gorebyss is just boring. You could argue that the entire Clamperl line sucks (which it does), but Gorebyss is so much worse.

There’s no emotion on Gorebyss’ face. Its eyes are soulless, probably because Gorebyss itself knows that it’s never going to be used by anyone. 

Generation IV: Rhyperior

Gen IV added in new evolutions for a number of older Pokémon, and I feel that most of them worked well outside of a few missteps. Without a doubt, Rhyperior is the worst of the bunch. 

Not only does Rhyperior look terrible in comparison to its pre-evolutions, but it’s just an unnecessary addition. Rhyperior’s design is such a stark contrast from its predecessors that it just looks awkward in comparison. The designers should have gone with a pre-evolution for Rhyhorn, not this ugly abomination.

Generation V: Cryogonal

Ah, Generation V. Serving as a soft reboot for the series, I felt that Generation V was the weakest design-wise and still remains as such.

Honestly, I could’ve picked a few Pokémon from Gen V for this list, but ultimately I feel that Cryogonal fits the bill the most. People complain about the Vanillish line but ignore Cryogonal. Cryogonal is literally just a big snowflake and it sucks. At least Vanillish is cute.

Generation VI: Barbaracle

In a Generation that was surprisingly well done from a design perspective, Barbacle sticks out like a sore thumb, or should I say hand?

Barbaracle’s design is based around a collection of barnacles that have formed a larger, stronger body. The result? A hideous Pokémon made up of 7 beings, all of which serve as its hands. Except for its head, which still looks like a hand anyway for some reason.

Generation VII: Bruxish

Poor Bruxish. Generation VII’s designs are quite good overall, and Bruxish certainly isn’t that bad itself. Unfortunately, it makes the list for being the worst of this batch.

While it’s typing is cool (Water/Psychic) there’s just nothing that makes Bruxish stand out among the rest of Gen VII.

Generation VIII: Dracovish

You could easily stake a claim for all of the fossil abominations to be on this list, but Dracovish is certainly the worst of the batch.

I honestly don’t even know how to describe how bad it is, but this (and the other three abominations) is without a doubt the worst fossil Pokemon to ever exist. Dracovish is a clear sore spot among the Gen VIII designs.

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